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No One Technology Solves ALL Air Pollution Problems

Negative Ionizers - Negative ions clean the air of particulates like dust, dander and pollen by magnetically attracting to pollutants until these newly-formed larger particles become too heavy to remain in the air you breathe and gravity causes them to fall down. Negative ions also reduce static electricity and energize the air. Air Oasis and Surround include negative ions.

HEPA Filters - HEPA filters are great for cleaning the air of particulate because they can remove 99.97% of particles (at .3 microns in size) that pass through the filter. However, HEPA filters do not destroy microbials, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, chemical fumes and other more challenging types of pollution. But Surround and Airpura combine a HEPA filter with other technologies to get the best of all worlds. Airpura uses a large commercial HEPA filters, while Surround uses a smaller ones.

Carbon Filter - Activated carbon adsorbs chemicals and odors to it's surface. When there is no more surface left to adsorb to the carbon, it is depleted of its capability to be effective. Large amounts of carbon will last longer then small amounts because it has larger amounts of surface area for adsorption. Also, depending on amounts of pollutants being adsorbed, a small amount of carbon can be depleted within weeks making it useless. Coconut shell carbon's superior level of hardness makes them cleaner than most other carbons and gives them longer life expectancy. Airpura uses large carbon beds, while Surround uses smaller carbon filters.

UltraViolet (UV) Light - Ultraviolet light destroys bacteria, viruses (including Swine Flu and SARS), molds and other pollutants, as long as the air is moving slow enough and the contaminants are within the 2-3 inch UV light kill zone. The most effective UV technologies combine the UV lamp with precious metals to create redundant oxidizers that can circulate, with significantly extends the kill zone. Surround's UV mostly works to control microbials on the filter. Airpura’s UV option is a chamber to treat the air. Air Oasis is the most sophisticated use of UV, creating oxidizers that can treat the air and surfaces in an entire room or whole house.

Hydrated PhotoCatalytic Oxidation - By using a broad spectrum, high efficiency UV bulb in conjunction with a hydrated quad-metallic target, the target acts as a catalyst to create the same redundant oxidizers found in the air after a storm and created by your body. These oxidizers reduce airborne bacteria, mold and viruses up to 99% and odors, chemicals, gases and VOC's by up to 97%, as well as other pollution such as dander, dust mites and pollen, and, to a lesser degree, dust. Air Oasis is the only air purifier on the market that uses this patented technology

Heat Sterilization - Heat can be used to sterilize indoor air by using a 400F (250ºC) ceramic core that destroys 99.99% of all microorganism (spores, fungus, bacteria, virus, mold, dust mites feces and skeleton). No living microorganism survives this power. Yet this is done without significant heat contribution to the ambient. Because heat is a totally natural process, this technology doesn't employ chemical or toxic products such as glass filter fibers, triclosan-coated paper or any kind of material that can be harmful to the environment when wasted. Nor does it produce ozone, VOCs, nitrous oxide or nitric acid. Airfree exclusively uses heat sterilization.

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